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LOST IDOL: Chumquaxa civilisation (2500 BC)*

LOST IDOL: Chumquaxa civilisation (2500 BC)*


THE STORY: Discovered in the ruins of the Temple of Axotl in 1912. There are huge gaps in our knowledge of this civilization but it is believed these large idols were central to a belief system based on an all-seeing deity. The base of the idols is curious, seemingly made of metal but not. The Chumquaxa had no knowledge of metals and so it remains unknown how they knew to copy the colour and feel of bronze. Fringe scientists talk of divine beings visiting from the skies but no evidence has been unearthed to support such a theory. As yet…*


*All of the above may not be true...

Idol sculpture in thrown stoneware with manganese glaze. 


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